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    owe an obligation to

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    • 請幫我看一下 是否翻譯錯誤 謝謝大家

      Owing to the foreign tourist doesn't understand ... so well, so it is the obligation of the student of the ** Universty... also helped us to be more familiar with the streets in...

    • 電影製片相關財經英文名詞翻譯(15點)

      發展: 1.Chain標題:由使用版權材料的製作人的權利可以從作者到生產者通過分配和轉移的“產業鏈”追踪路徑。 融資: 2.Assignment安全:由金融家需要在電影中的擔保權益的方法。在影片的基本權利(和收入)的版權和擔保的方式分配給金融家。它們...

    • 請幫我回答這些英文問題 完整的句子

      ...important to think about your duty and obligations. You are asked to do your job by your direct... loyalty but let him know he owes you. Fight - give the credit to...