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  1. owing to

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    • 1. 因為

      Owing to our joint efforts, the task was fulfilled ahead of schedule. 由於我們共同努力, 任務提前完成了。

    • ph. 應該感謝; 把...歸功於

    • He owed his success to luck more than capacity. 他把他的成功更多地歸功於幸運而不是能力。

      We owe a lot to our parents. 我們深受父母之恩。

    • ph. 應把…歸功於

    • ph. 歸功於

    • ph. 由於缺少…

    • ph. 感謝…

    • ph. 應該忠於…

    • ph. 感謝,感激…

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    • ph.
    • Owing to the rain the match was cancelled. 由於下雨,比賽取消了。
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      ...out of order 故障 My car is out of order. 我的車壞了。 owing to 由於 Owing to his laziness, he failed to pass the exam. 由於...

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      ...equal to+Ving according to +Ving in/with regard to+Ving owing to+Ving thanks to+Ving take to+Ving

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      ...為承轉詞) *futhermore此外 71.語63題類似,原級比較 73.on account of=because of= due to= owing to=as the result of由於;因為 77.because of/due to/owing to...etc +illness 79...