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    • 和旅遊有關的英文問題!

      package deal = 套裝行程。HOW LONG WILL YOU ...整套,成套的,全套的。deal = 買賣,交易,約定。在拍賣網站裡 Package deal = 整套出售。八仙偶像一套八件,整套出售恕不分別零售。在旅遊...

    • 我想知道日本的”七五三節”翻成英文是什麼?

      ...hakama with all accessories, help from a professional dresser, and photography as a package deal for about 30,000 yen.

    • 診所掛號常用英文會話

      ...次包8次療程比較便宜.還有贈送保養療程.8次療程結束後.第9次開始是半價優惠. Packaged deal is more economical with 8 treatments and complimentary maintenance, plus half...