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  1. packing case


    • n.
      a large strong box, typically a wooden one, in which goods are packed for transportation or storage.
    • noun: packing case, plural noun: packing cases

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      ...運輸條件: 收到貴公司的信用狀後,60天內出貨。 Packing : If wooden case packing required, the prices will be added by 15%. 包裝: 若使用木箱...

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      大大您好 我覺得可能性是 因為linings是fireproof再加上waterproof 而不是fireproof的lining和waterproof的lining 別人可能有別的解釋 但是通常我們會用fireproof "and" waterproof 除非碰到這種腦筋急轉彎 希望對你有些幫助 我14歲 在美國念書

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      ...者, Malone先生, 然後走到平臺後部 Then he dragged a large packing-case over to Professor Challenger’s chair. 然後他拖著他的大行李箱...