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    • 痛楚
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    • 一些單字不會拼 ˋˋ

      心碎 heart broken 痛苦 pain, suffer 戀愛 love, in love, in relationship 朋友 friend, pal, buddy 兄弟 brother, sibling 天堂 heaven, paradise 黃泉 hell 童話 fairy tail 真愛 true love 背叛 betray

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯 有關安樂死的幾個論點

      ...the expense C. Increase financial difficulty for the low-income family 2. Pain suffer by the patient A As people wish to raise the standard of living...

    • [ 英文]- 內心的痛苦

      ...suffering from something He suffers from something Suffer 大多指實際的痛苦如生病、受傷等,未必是”內心的...2014-09-26 17:16:09 補充: 依據上列網頁的解釋,inner pain 表示內心種種不舒服...