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    • 畫家,漆匠,油漆工
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    • re-painter

      painter有 艇首纜,繫艇索、畫家、美洲獅的意思 然而re開頭的有重來,重復的意思

    • 有關英文文法的解說

      Most abstract expressionist painters as they came to be known _________ great attention to surface qualities...在 paid attention 中間又加了 great,造成理解上的混淆。 這一題一看到 painter 是名詞,很可能是主詞,後面有連接詞 as +另一個主詞 they ,那它必然是一個...

    • 有關who的英文問題

      a (A) painter (who) living with his family in the country hoped to paint the most...我姑且用 beautiful 這個字代入。 這句話確實不能有who,因為它的主詞是a painter(畫家),真正的動詞是hoped(希望),living with his family in...