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  1. pale before

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      相形見絀; 相形失色
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    • 1. 相形見絀; 相形失色 Her beauty pales before her mother's. 她的美貌和她母親相比就遜色了。


    相形見絀; 相形失色

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    • have/has/had文法

      ... for lunch 她午餐吃的是凱薩沙拉 Harry had a pale skin before he went to the beach 哈利去了海邊以後就把他 白皙得皮膚給曬黑了...

    • 大氣科學~~~求解

      ...而下完雨之後,天空會變成深藍色。 你這裡的答案可以解釋的是 A pale or milky white sky suggests the possibility of considerable air pollution, often in...

    • The Deerslayer

      ... scarcely out of the mouth of Deerslayer, before a common murmur betrayed the dissatisfaction with which they...degradation to permit his sister to become the wife of a pale-face of the Yengeese at all, and had only...