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    • 鑲板;嵌板
    • 釋義

    • 1. 鑲板
    • 2. 嵌板
    • 3. 嵌板細工
  2. 知識+

    • panel of shoppers?

      ... Market Several research firms keep controlled panels of stores that have agreed to carry new products for a fee...

    • solar panel 的英文解釋

      A solar panel is better called a photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel. " cells. The photovoltaic module, known more commonly as the solar panel, is then used as a component in a larger photovoltaic system to...

    • 會議活動的中譯~posters, panel.....

      ... 專題研討會,針對某一主題做研討. track 例行會議,例如學校的週會,班會. panel 專題評論會, 例如邱毅開的記者會,針對陳水扁攻擊,就是一種專題評論會.和研討會...