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  1. panic stations

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      【口】惶惶不安; 驚慌
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    • 1. 【口】惶惶不安; 驚慌 It was panic stations when the police arrived to search the building. 警方來搜查大樓時, 大家都很驚慌。
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    • 幫忙翻譯 英文 (捷運 殺人事件)

      ... saw a lot of passengers escape in panic from another car with a loud shout "someone was ... conductor ask them to clean the MRT station for 5 day and their parnets all agreed...

    • 徵求高手請幫忙翻譯下列文句(中翻英)

      ... magazines or on internet *避免造成人心恐慌 Avoid from panic. *也許車站或公園會有 Around bus station or park there may have it. *最近的運勢~~因為人們總是對未來憧憬 Current...

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      ... Thirteenth Year" in the short station appearance, after the independent film "The ... Panettiere can replace the "Panic Room" with diabetes, who plays the daughter...