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    • = panto-
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    • 請問片語by the seat of your pants

      Idiom: by the seat of your pants if you do something by the seat of your pants... ran the business by the seat of his pants. 2. Without the use of instruments...

    • PANT單字翻譯

      ...字典 以下是說明 vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb) 1氣喘,氣促...氣喘吁吁地講[(+out/forth)] The dying old man panted out his last wishes. 臨終的老人喘著氣說出...

    • wear跟pants的問題

      ...我穿了一條褲子"要如何說 : 以下哪些是對的呢? I wear a pair of pants .-----this one is correct. I wear a pants. X (should be...