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  1. pantaloons

    • pantaloon的名詞複數
    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[ˌpæntəˈluːnz]



    • npl.
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    • 幫我出一篇有關逛街的英文會話 **急**~~~20點!!!

      ...ago, and I believe it's on the magazine you just show me. This pantaloons is also the newest fashion and this top sweater can match the pantaloons perfectly...

    • 英文的翻譯

      1.T-shirt 2.skirt 3.dress 4.pants 5.shorts 6.blouse 7.jeans 8.coat 9.stocking 10.shirt 11.vest 12.polo shirt 13.overcoat 14.culottes 褲裙 15.pantaloons 燈籠褲 16.sweater 17.pullover 18.suit gown 20.cape 披肩