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  1. paper wedding

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    • 請問這樣的英文有錯誤的地方嗎

      ... (ALWAYS CALLED ME) tissue paper, because I had white skin and good temperament...), so I will have going to visit about the wedding ceremony. (AND I WILL ATTEND...

    • bio biography 自傳 翻

      ... become my relative's flowerboy/flowergirl during his/her wedding. 花童的英文....?? flowerboy/flowergirl 在父母小心呵護下上小學. Under...

    • 英文造句 3 句 + 英文字典

      ... a peep at- Take a peep at someone's paper during the test is considered as ...應該你是指 a toast to..吧? A toast to your wedding to convey my benedictions. 敬你的婚禮...