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  1. paper hanger


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    • 有什麼單字, 1 個單字 有 2 個重音 ?

      too many to count. compounds and multisyllables, especially over 3 syllables 的字通常就有兩個甚至兩個上的重音.

    • 有”英文高手”可以解答嘛?

      ...room整理房間 7. extra hangers額外的衣架 8. skirt hangers裙子的衣架 9. turn down the beds去睡覺 10. some...還是否定句? 都可以,如下: Do you have some paper? Please give me some paper! 11. any 是...

    • 專業英文翻譯:印刷、輸出、轉印常用字彙

      ...output, the document output 4. to demonstrate that the frame, the paper foot rest, the hard foot rest 5. protects the shell...7. surface blush film, the transparent film 8. aluminum frame, the hanger shafting 9. bronzing, the bronzed...