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  1. paper knife


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    • 拆信刀的英文?

      除了 "letter opener"、"paper knife"也帶有拆信刀的意思。

    • 急~誰可以幫我解答這幾題英文問題

      ...way. 3. How about go hiking this weekend? 4. John cut the paper with a knife. 5. I was suprised with Tommy's behavior...

    • 翻譯文法修正~有20點喔

      ...字涵蓋太廣了。最常用﹦use most often It's a multi-functional (multi-purpose) knife. 它是一把多功能刀就可以了,不必分兩句。 I often use it to cut my nails or paper. Sometimes, I use it as a ruler or a pen. 剪指甲要用 cut 或 clip...