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  1. paralysed

    • IPA[ˈpærəlaɪzd]


    • adj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 癱瘓的 to be paralysed from the waist down 腰部以下癱瘓 my arm/leg is paralysed 我的手臂/腿癱瘓了
  2. 知識+

    • 請問造成市區癱瘓或碼頭癱瘓的英文怎麼說?

      造成市區癱瘓 to paralyze the downtown traffic to make downtown area paralyzed to bog down the downtown area...如以strike當主詞, 上述片語都可改成句子, 舉例: The strike has paralyzed the downtown traffic. The strike brought the harber activities to...

    • [英文] 請幫我翻譯和一些單字

      ...circular muscle; hence the terms cyclitis for inflammation and cycloplegia for paralysis of the ciliary body. A drug paralyzing the ciliary muscle is a...

    • 東京喰種unravel羅馬拼音

      ...wasurenaide wasurenaide 別忘了 別忘了 別忘了 別忘了 変わってしまったことに paralyze Kawatte shimatta koto ni Paralyze 對這個已經徹底崩壞的世界麻木...