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    • 麻痺,停頓,癱瘓
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    • hag syndrome的意思

      ...可是卻很清醒,能呼吸,能看,能聽,但是就是不能動;也可以叫做Sleep Paralysis. 這是根據以前古老的迷信,認為有一個老巫婆(Old Hag)騎在身上...

    • 幫忙翻譯~中翻英~

      Is the paralysis a wisdom which I learns The acknowledgement loses you also not to matter Is whose love too are few, whose regretting Also recalls without enough time

    • [英文] 請幫我翻譯和一些單字

      ...circular muscle; hence the terms cyclitis for inflammation and cycloplegia for paralysis of the ciliary body. A drug paralyzing the ciliary muscle is a...