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  1. parcel out


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    • 1. 把……分成幾份;分配 The food and clothing were parceled out to the refugees. 食品和衣物分給了難民。
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    • parcels是什麼意思

      板大你好︿︿* parcel  名詞~ 1。包裹;小包 ...批;一宗 動詞~ 1分;分配(+out) 2把。。。包起來;捆紮(+...

    • 已寄出和幾號收到的英文翻譯

      I have the parcel send out today by DHL, the arrival time is around 10/16. Sorry for the dalay and incovenience.

    • the season is almost upon us..

      ...quot; 季節) is almost upon us (快到了) 2011-04-19 23:12:37 補充: parcel out : 2011-04-19 23:12:54 補充: 分佈