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  1. pardon me for —

    • ph.
      used to express in a sarcastic way one's indignation at being criticized for doing something
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    • 英文~我的英文不好這樣說對嗎

      Pardon me for my poor English 老外聽得懂,但這種說法怪怪的,你可以考慮...clever) at English.Please do understand. I am sorry that I don't have a good command of English. Sorry I can't express...

    • 有關pardon的文法^^

      Please pardon me for my bothering you. 請問那個my怎麼來的呢 ? 可以不加嗎? 代名詞...

    • 請問pardonpardon me的不同

      ...不過大多還是講pardon較多 所以pardon me 多用在抱歉....的時候 EX: Pardon me for not writing to you sooner. 請原諒我未能及早給你寫信。 Pardon...