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    • 過度節儉,吝嗇
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    • 我想問”mony”字根的意思..

      ...生活費   hegemony 霸權, 領導權   palimony 停止同居關係時應該付給的贍養費   parsimony 吝嗇, 過於儉省   patrimony 繼承的遺產 or 事物, 祖產   simony 買賣聖職, 買賣...

    • william of ockham的一句名言的英文

      .... This principle is often called the principle of parsimony. It underlies all scientific modelling and theory ...

    • 關於語言學的幾個名詞~20點喔

      ...i:] in chide. Minimal Attachment it is a strategy of parsimony: The parser builds the simplest syntactic structure possible (that...