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    • 部分,局部,零件,要素,等分,職責,角色,部位分開,分離,斷絕,區別
  2. 知識+

    • the part of

      給你英文的解釋比較直接! on the part of (or on my, their, etc. part) used to ascribe responsibility for...30:16 補充: The train accident was caused by a blunder on the part of the stationmaster when he gave the wrong signal. 書上翻譯..這場火車意外...

    • 關於due in part to的問題

      due in part to 部份因為; 某種程度上因為; 特別因為 = in part because of = partly because of = to some degree/extent because of = in particular because of = especially because of due in great part to 主要因為; 很大程度上因為 = in great part because of = mainly/majorly because of...

    • component / Assembly / parts ?

      如果翻譯要區隔這三個字 我會這麼做 Assembly 組立裝配件 parts 零件 component 元件 assembly 用的最少,有點像assembly kit 組立用套件,強調...