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    part company with

    • ph.
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    • 幫我翻譯>”<

      ... until it when the phoenix flower is in bloom We want one to part company with each other by oneself too Though very unwilling But I...

    • {煩請高手幫解 英翻中}翻譯機 廣告勿進

      ... to officially inform you that as part of a business initiative with your shipping company, there was a last minute change for the... shipment and you have 24 hour contact with an agent for any assistance you need 如果您...

    • 請問 ~ 何時該用which 何時該用where ???

      ...actually refers to only a small part of London, ___________ there is concentration of banks, insurance companies and financial markets.1. which 2. where 3. with which 4. when 答案是where 本句可還原...