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  1. part up with

    • pay money, especially reluctantly
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    • pay money, especially reluctantly

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    • pay money, especially reluctantly

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    • 這句英文可以怎麼造?

      part with 捨棄,分離,絕交.(動詞片語)She parted with her dream她捨棄當律師的夢想.(過去式)The two schools are parted with a highway.這兩個學校被一條公路隔開.(被動式)He has parted...

    • 句子沒有動詞?

      ... brother was parted from me in Paris.才對。 to part with something = to give something to someone although you would prefer to keep it=與不願失去...

    • ann of green gables

      Diana repeated the oath,... and the two new friends parted with many promises to spend the next afternoon. 黛安娜重複了這諾言, ..., 然後這...