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  1. partial eclipse

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    • 送20點,請幫我分析下列英文句子!!~(急)

      1. However, none of these partial solar eclipses will last as long as yesterday's. 簡單句,動詞will...有三個介系詞片語:until 2070及for another total solar eclipse是修飾動詞wait(屬副詞性質),at full magnitude修飾eclipse...

    • 上弦月、滿月、下弦月的英文??

      上弦月:first quarter of the moon 滿 月:a full moon; the moon in her complement 下弦月:the moon at the last (or third) quarter; an old moon 日偏蝕:an annular partial eclipse 日全蝕:an annular total eclipse

    • 急~~請幫我翻譯英文 報告要用的 最好不要用譯言堂翻

      ...contrary, if people ignore the importance of healthy eating, overeating or a partial eclipse of the body to injury. The most important for the purchase of the first...