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    • U參與,參加;分享
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    • participation跟participance

      Participation多指參加,參與的名詞,後面多會有個受詞。譬如參加什麼 [(+in)] ;或是指希望... whole idea behind the show is that it’s meant to encourage audience participation.They wanted more direct participation in the solution of steel production...

    • labor participation rate是?

      實際就業的人口 占 全國可能就業人口(一般指15-60歲)的比例.

    • 國際貿易問題 麻煩幫忙翻譯

      Clearly, participation in the labour-intensive segments of ...更廣擴基礎性成長所必備的基層工藝與組織管理技巧. Participation in such networks can also help facilitate access to...