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  1. particularity

    • IPA[pəˌtɪkjʊˈlarɪti]


    • n.
      the quality of being individual;fullness or minuteness of detail in the treatment of something
    • noun: particularity, plural noun: particularities

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    • IPA[pərˌtikyo͞oˈlerətē]


    • n.
      the quality of being individual: the central figures of his novels are stripped of their particularity

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      ...因為你直接用中文去查英文,但卻不去了解用在"這裡"對不對...舉例: particularity,我想你想說的是人物個性,特色,但如果是要說人或角色的個性特質時是用character...

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      ... roles expect that will be adjusted because of the change of the particularity which the aboriginal educates and student's studying type attitude and...

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      ...we still have a good relationship. Because they all known my particularity. *** Even with some arguments, we still keep a good relationship...