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  1. parties

    • party的名詞複數
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    • pollock party

      pollock party 是什麼意思? 不是啦!應該是 potluck party啦! 它是每個客人自己準備一份食物拿到party去一起吃的party.通常都是自己愛吃的,拿去與大家共享.我的話,通常就是帶大...

    • 請問party animal是一個存在的名詞嗎?

      party animal 是英文的俚語,指的是一天到晚參加舞會狂歡的... is coming to David's party. Tom is a real party animal! LH: ...意思是騙人的鬼話, 胡扯。李華學到的另一個常用語是party animal, 指的是特別喜歡參加社交聚會的人。

    • The party的時態

      Pat and Sandy are going to a party at Katy's apartment. A: It is...apartment. C: It was a little early. The party was next Friday. D: It was...