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    • @@誰懂英文的請幫我翻譯 謝謝!!!!

      ... you to be happy. Our language does not pass. Does not have the means to know opposite party idea very thoroughly. This also does not have the means. 僅提供參考不一定全對優!

    • 英文的句子,檢查有沒有錯誤的地方

      ...quarrel比較好喔 助動詞did後面動詞要用原型talked變成talk →They had a quarrel in the end of the party, and they didn't talk to each other afterward. 8.The amblance's job is saving people 你要說...

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯..很急很急

      ...home making chocolate in the morning, and I finally finished making them before the birthday party.5. This is the backpack that I used in high school,and I have drew a pattern on...