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    • 歌曲英文 英文翻譯

      ...because it keeps going non-stop. Gonna party all night, gonna keep this party going cause the party won...20 補充: 最後一句: So tonight we're gonna party till the party don't stop. 歌詞並不永遠是合文法...

    • Steel Panther 的 Party all day

      ... to do, 上帝要我做些什麼. Whoa, oh oh, hey, hey, hey Fxxk all night, and party all day! 通宵的做愛,整日轟趴 Whoa, oh oh, hey, hey, hey I'm...

    • 英文文法~must的意思

      ... off in the meeting. He ______ all night partying again. 答案是: must have stayed up 但...通宵到說話之時, 若是到了白天還說這話就不只是all night了. 2011-01-03 22:28:12 補充: must have p.p. should...