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  1. party politics


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    • 英語新聞好難懂,請幫忙翻譯...

      ...主席一職 2 According to Hao, such a move is in the spirit of party politics, and responsible politics. 依據郝論述,如此作為是顯示出政黨政治及責任政治的精神...

    • Taiwan and the UK

      It is a very broad question about social Attitude. You can focus on the discussion of two-party politics of UK & Taiwan. You can also focus on the equality between two sex or minorities.

    • 修改英文作文..

      ...;) remember how to earn more money and position in politics(改成On the other hand, they just emphasize on ... political position比較順). Second, the political parties always discredit(用slander 或 calumiate) each other by ...