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  1. pass

    • IPA[pɑːs]



    • vi.
    • vt.
    • n.
      及格; 通過;通行證; 休假證; 許可證
    • 過去式:passed 過去分詞:passed 現在分詞:passing

    • 名詞複數:passes

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • vi.
    • 1. 通過

      the street was so crowded I could not pass 街道非常擁擠,我過不去

      to let sb. pass 讓某人通過

    • 2. 經過
    • 3. 行進

      he glanced at her and passed on without a word 他瞥了她一眼,一言不發繼續往前走

      pass right down the bus, please! 上車後請往裡走!

    • 4. 傳球

      to pass back/forward(s) 回傳/向前傳球

    • 5. 遺留; 轉移

      to pass to sb. 傳給某人

      the title passed to the eldest son 爵位傳給了長子

    • 6. 轉變

      his mood passed from joy to despair 他的情緒由高興轉為絕望

    • 7. 流逝

      how time passes! 時間飛逝!

      to pass slowly/quickly 過得慢/快

    • 8. 結束; 喪失; 消失; 痊癒
    • 9. 及格

      she hopes to pass in all three subjects 她希望三門課全都及格

    • 10. 經表決通過

      the bill passed with a large majority 議案以絕大多數贊成票獲得通過

    • 11. 被容忍; 被接受

      to pass as or for sth. 被當作某情況

      he speaks French well enough to pass for a Frenchman 他法語講得很好,足以被當成法國人

    • 12. 發生

      I just could not forgive him after all that had passed 所有這一切發生後,我真是無法原諒他

      to come to pass 發生

    • 13. 被說出; 被做出

      several sharp comments had passed between them 他們對罵了幾句

      his comment appeared to pass unnoticed 他的評論好像未引起注意

    • 14. 不出牌; 不叫牌
    • vt.
    • 1. 通過

      the yacht passed the finishing line 快艇衝過了終點線

      not a drop of water had passed his lips all day 他一整天滴水未沾

    • 2. 經過

      she passed me in the street without a word 她在大街上一言不發從我身邊走過

      to pass this/that way 走這條/那條路

    • 3. 移動

      they passed the injured man across the stream 他們把受傷的人抬過小河

      to pass the rope round the tree 把繩子繞在樹上

    • 4. 傳遞

      to pass sth. to sb., to pass sb. sth. 把某物遞給某人

      here! pass it over! 喂!把它遞過來!

    • 5. 傳
    • 6. 度過

      how did you pass the time? 你是怎樣打發時間的?

      to pass one's time 消磨時光

    • 7. 通過
    • 8. 准予…通過

      to pass an invoice 核實發票

      to pass the proofs (for press) 核准校樣(待印)

    • 9. 經表決通過
    • 10. 在…得到通過

      the film was too explicit to pass the censors 這部影片太露骨,沒能通過審查

    • 11. 宣布; 發表

      to pass sentence or judgement (on sb.) 宣布(對某人的)判決

      he passed some very rude remarks about her! 他對她出言不遜!

    • 12. 超越

      to pass belief/comprehension/all expectations 難以置信/難以理解/出乎意料

    • 13. 排洩

      if you're passing blood, you should see a doctor 如果便血,就應該去看醫生

      to pass water 撒尿

    • n.
    • 1. 及格; 通過

      a pass in Maths/English 數學/英語考試的及格

      to get a pass 及格

    • 2. 通行證; 休假證; 許可證

      a cinema pass 電影院入場券

      a pass to sth./to do sth. 進入某處的通行證/做某事的許可證

    • 3. 乘車證

      a monthly/an annual pass 月票/年票

    • 4. 傳球; 戳刺

      a long/short pass 長傳/短傳

      a forward/back or backward pass 前傳/回傳

    • 5. 山隘; 山路

      the St. Bernhard Pass 聖伯納德山隘道

      to head or cut sb./sth. off at the pass 在開始時遏止某人/某事

    • 6. 不出牌; 不叫牌
    • 7. 揮動

      the conjuror made a pass with his hand/wand, and out popped a white rabbit! 魔術師揮了揮手/魔杖,一隻白兔蹦了出來!

    • 8. 俯衝

      the bomber made a pass over the target 轟炸機向目標俯衝

      to fly a low pass over sth. 在某物上低飛掠過

    • 9. 難關

      to come to a pretty pass/such a pass that ... 陷入…的困境/田地

    • 10. 挑逗

      to make a pass at sb. 挑逗某人

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