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    • "第"的意思?

      ... ① 評定、品第(pass judgment;evaluate)。 【典出】漢書˙卷六十四下˙王褒傳:「所幸 宮館...

    • 急~英文造句修改給20點

      ...39;t know why.) 6.The parents all wondered how the judge passed judgment.(限定在法庭的parents和judge要加the,不會是所有的parents都會...

    • Taliban Fighter-John Walker

      (1) if that ends up being an option for your son? It means:If your son ends up in one of the military tribunals, What are you going to do? 如果他結果被"選擇"送軍事法庭審判, 你認為你會怎麼辦? (2...