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  1. pass muster


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    • 1. 通過檢驗;被認為合格 Does the new manager pass muster? 新的經理還過得去嗎? They passed muster with the sentries. 他們通過了哨兵們的檢查。
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      ... her to marry him. Toula knows that if he can pass muster with her crazy relatives and get baptized in the Greek...

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      這段話的意思是: 式樣細胞系是為調查癌症生物和治療學的根本工具。 大約1500人的hematopoietic造形術細胞系被描述了,包括多數主要疾病個體。 Waldenström的macroglobulinemia (WM)是仅三細胞系獲得了的一個罕見的無可救藥的血液學瘤。 記住候選人腫瘤細胞系由的外人...

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      ... 13 Most people lose track of how old they are as time passes. Question 14 Picnics Question 15 transmitted...