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  1. pass one's lips

    • ph.
      be eaten, drunk, or spoken
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    • ph.
      be eaten, drunk, or spoken

    Oxford Dictionary

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      ...something out 計畫/安排某事 in the middle of something 正在忙某事 工作進行到一半 keep a stiff upper lip 保持堅強和勇敢, 堅定不移 go wrong 出錯 pass out 昏倒,失去知覺 why in the world? 就竟爲何? put two an two together 根據現有情況推斷 be...

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      ... whipped out her eyebrow pencil, lip gloss and a mirror, applying the finishing... us to creep through the Cahuenga Pass. 當大家在 Cahuenga Pass 上緩慢前進...

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      ...please. He sat as if alone, his spoon in one hand, back and forth, passing bowl to lips, his free hand scribbling with a grown up finger on the table...