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  1. passenger flow

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    • 有請專業人士幫忙英文翻譯

      ...on related topic, stresses discussion of the passenger transportation aspect, but discussion in the freight transportation view of the air freight collection and distribution station work flow, therefore this research main purpose in discussion freight transportation...

    • 急!!!贈15點~~求對話中翻英~~線上翻譯免!

      ... really scary. v: Its very normal that aeroplanes meet turbulent flow. The aircraft commander will broadcast to inform the passengers first. k: I was very nervous that time, thinking of the...

    • 空姐英文自傳急需幫忙修改!謝謝!

      ... to share my optimistic personality and patience(註17) with (each) (註18) passengers, and make sure their journeys are always comfortable. Thank...