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  1. passengers

    • passenger的名詞複數
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    • 請問 a per passenger mile basis?

      **per passenger mile是交通運輸的專業術語, 有時候也可以寫成per passenger-mile,指載運每一名...專業詞彙| 正方翻譯網| 專業英語翻譯[ 簡體 ] ... 價值;成本cost 價格cost-per-passenger mile 每英里旅客價格costing 成本計算costing 作價;成本會計...

    • 請問這為什麼這句是用Passenger...ildren

      Please yield your seat to elderly, pregnant, disabled passengers, or passengers with baby. Let each and every seat be priority seat...

    • 英語文法分析

      Passengers can feel their heavy boat being moved up and down while ...will be easy to understand the grammar structure by breaking apart the sentence. (1) Passengers can feel that. (2) Their heavy boat is being moved up...