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    • pass on的意思

      pass onpass down 在那文章中都有傳承的意思 只是pass on 還多了你說的意思 "接到某物或某消息,再傳給別人" pass on 還有更多其他的意思 像 去逝世His mother passed on last year. 他...

    • 請問passed on the way up的意思

      Well, we could head down the mountain and stay at that hotel we passed on the way up, or go home. 嗯~,我們可以下山,住在我們上山時有經過的那家飯店...

    • 李白的詩I AM A PEACH TREE

      ...there I may turn to and smile? You are the moon up in the far sky; Passing, you looked down on me an hour; then went on forever. 的原文是: 妾似井底桃,開花向...