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    • 請問Soup's on是什麼意思?

      ...afford to. Each of us passed him on the porch with a nod as his eyes passed over the sea of seven children he loved. A man for whom words were worthless...

    • 尋求~中翻英高手.短文翻譯(10點)

      ... hope that i can make a lot of money. B: I hope that i can pass on all classes. C: I hope the love and peace all around the world. 最後一具是 希望 全世界充滿愛與和平...

    • pass on的意思

      pass onpass down 在那文章中都有傳承的意思 只是pass on 還多了你說的意思 "接到某物或某消息,再傳給別人" pass on 還有更...