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  1. passionate

    • IPA[ˈpaʃ(ə)nət]


    • adj.
      having, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs;arising from intense feelings of sexual love
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    • IPA[ˈpaSH(ə)nət]


    • adj.
      showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief: passionate pleas for help he's passionate about football

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • Passionate impulses

      Passionate Impulses 是激情所帶來的一時衝動。正面的結果可能帶來關心,樂於助人;然而負面的結果往往是很糟糕。“強暴”和“情殺”是這種衝動最典型的犯罪行為。

    • passionate這個英文字是什麼意思?

      ...如果你很熱愛音樂 很願意花時間在音樂上 就寫有關音樂的東西 "I'm passionate about music because I would like to spend my time and put all of my...

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      ...make a living by combining the things I am passionate about 從第三句看回去 I am passionate about the things ...