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    passive resistance

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    • 有誰可以幫我翻這段文章= =

      ...重要的觀點去評估(是否為)痙攣 Faster movements will intensify the resistance to passive motion. 較快的行動會加強對被動性運動的抵抗 Clonus, a phasic stretch response...

    • 抵禦VS防禦有何分別?!

      ...against等等一大串,族繁不及備載。 名詞Defense的同義字/類義字裏面則有 resistance,所以這兩個字可以說是非常接近的。 Defend與Resist兩個動詞...

    • 想請問英文文法的問題 謝謝。?

      ...voice: I am cooking the dinner for my family. passive voice: The dinner is cooked by me for ..., a chemical "that" would increase people’s resistance to pain.