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  1. passive voice


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    • passive voice 是不是不一定要加by或with的

      Passive voice 不一定要加by或with. 許多 passives have no agent. (doer) Passives... to our machine. (7) 有動詞在某種用法上只用 passive voice, 如果加上 agent, 句子變得怪異的, 這類 passive 是沒有 agent...

    • 關於英文blow off及be covered問題。?

      這是 Passive Voice 的問題: 1. .. the blossoms are soon blown... by a carpet of pink and white petals (passive voice) main verb = cover verb phrase pattern 1 = (subject) cover something (object...

    • Discharge in active vs passive voice?

      ...意思是 "解除" (允許…出院; 允許…退伍; 解僱) - transitive; usually in passive voice - somebody/something "discharge" somebody (from something) (~hospital/prison/court/*job...