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    • 無與倫比的翻譯(中翻英)..

      ...unparalleled 沒有可與其平行的 defy all comparison; 超過所有的比較 to be beyond (or past) compare; 同前一個意思. to be without comparison; 沒得比的 to be without rival; 沒有對手的, to be beyond challenge; 沒有其他...

    • 請英文達人 幫我訂正 文法

      ...workholic is a normal way of life, people work every day without sufficient rests, even though they're very tired...4.Although I enjoyed my past years joyfully, I need to turn on a new leaf...

    • 請幫我修改一篇英文的作文!

      ... mom and my sister, but without my dad and brother. Though.... When thinking the past (which period in past?), I realize how...into a good university and have a bliss life compare to before. Please excuse ...