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    • 1. 無疑地 This is past dispute the best book he has ever written. 這本書無疑是他寫得最好的一本。
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    • 英翻中的問題

      ...身分訪問中國 3. China and Japan leaders meet to resolve dispute over Tokyo's wartime past 中日領袖相互見面, 借以化解昔日戰時, 中日之間有關的爭論 (日本對中國人民...

    • 國外求籤需英翻中

      ...moon, covered by cloud for some moment,then shine again, past conduct will yield reasonable results. 雖然滿月一時... a good match,outstanding debts or disputes could be compromised. 日後的工作將會改善...

    • 請幫我看這樣翻譯對不對.謝謝

      ... since misunderstanding by poor communication and error solution of disputes in the past 17 years, I am writing an article about the possibility to...