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  1. past expression


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    • 1. 無法表達;無法形容 The scenery in my hometown is beautiful past expression. 我家鄉的景色美得無法形容。
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      ...這一句說實在是多餘的...刪掉其實文義比較順,不像在硬坳). The weather expression originated from London. In the past, when a lot of rainwater was(a lot of rainwater was 改成 huge ...

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      ...amp;amp; any evidence to support it. None of the early citations of the expression in English indicate either a foreign or nautical source. It is...

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      ... expression) or 我正在看電視前吃早餐 (weird Chinese expression) However, the Chinese translation above doesn't indicate the "past tense". Even though you can say: 以前我正在看電視前吃早餐...