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  1. past it

    • ph.
      【口】年齡過大而不能再做以前做的事; 過舊而不適用
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    • 1. 【口】年齡過大而不能再做以前做的事; 過舊而不適用 At 93 he's finally realized he's getting past it. 他到了93歲終於意識到自己已不中用。 That overcoat is looking decidedly past it. 那件大衣看來是絕對舊得穿不出去了。
    • ph.


    • ph.
      【口】(與would連用) 認為某人有可能做壞事(或不合法的事等) I would not put it past him to steal money from his own grandmother! 我認為他偷他祖母的錢這事不是不可能的!
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      sometimes think about past , it would make you happy , but that can make you sad also .. who knows ? just see how...friend ,about love or about family ..just do it Sometimes when you think of the past, it makes you happy or sad. 有時當你想到過去的時光,它會讓你快樂或悲傷...

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      In the past, it was a sign of royalty or importance. Some African umbrella and walks behind the king or important person.請問 In the past...意思是不是「在過去」in this way 意思是「這個方式」是的, 就是這個意思...

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      ...12-14 15:12:13 補充: I miss you. I did not say that in the past. It was not that I did not miss you; It was because...