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    • 1. 用漿糊貼 Paste down the map on the board. 把這張地圖用漿糊貼在佈告板上。
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    • 急急急~幫我修改英文,3Q^^ (10點)

      ...can go over all of the day’s words and sentence structures.2. Paste two groups of flashcards face-down on the blackboard.3. When the teacher says a sentence, e.g. “...

    • 急˙煩請幫忙 四句中翻英! 拜託&感謝!!!

      ...the ship the pleasure. The above variety, is pastes on by a ceramic tile block. 2.In the room the footpath... several planks by the small stone to lay down becomes, the door has the ship's rudder decoration...

    • 幫忙翻譯食譜~中譯英

      ...yolktill all powder melts, mix yolk in when it cools down, 2. 最後加入巧克力磚,以隔水加熱方式至巧克力磚完全...chocolatebrick and double boils till chocolate melts into paste. 3. 將完成巧克力糊放涼後,搓揉成糰,外頭沾上碎核桃...