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    • 家長統治,父權制
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    • 請幫我翻譯這一段英文,謝謝您!

      Or,could it be that we were resisting our resistance to patriarchy's script for women by entering teaching as a way...

    • 有關"社會學"的英文單字

      你要意義難還是單字難啊? 給你後者好了!! 18個,萬一有的太簡單。acculturation androcentrism berdache bourgeoisie conglomerate ethnocentrism falsifiability Gemeinschaft hegemony masculinization matrilineal meritocracy oligopoly patriarchy patrilineal penitentiaryplutocracy utilitarianism

    • 一段短短的中翻英,電影感想

      ... that the tribes should be ruled only by men because the patriarchy social system and opposed to pass the power and possesions to ...