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    • 1. 為某人鋪平道路 The company had paved the way for the marketing of their new product. 這個公司為促銷他們的新產品做了安排。 His economic policies paved the way for industrial expansion. 他的經濟政策為工業的擴展鋪平了道路。
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      The talks between Wu Bo-xiong and Hu Jin-tao paved the way for direct flights and increase in the number of Chinese ...

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      How did the following help pave the way for the scientific Revolution? 下列各項如何幫助...which proved that planets revolve around the sun) 開普勒(Johannes Kepler, 1571...

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      ... from international calls. 他的電話被限制不能打國際電話. 15.paved the way for The parents’ effort paved a way for the child’s...