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  1. pay

    • IPA[peɪ]



    • vi.
      付費;贏利; 賺錢
    • vt.
      付款給;交納; 支付
    • n.
      薪金; 軍餉
    • modif.
    • 過去式:paid 過去分詞:paid 現在分詞:paying

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 付費 the work pays poorly 這份工作收入很低 to pay for sth. 支付某事物的費用
    • 2. 贏利; 賺錢 to pay handsomely or well 獲利豐厚 to pay for itself 賺回成本
    • 3. 有利 crime doesn't pay 犯罪划不來 in the long run dishonesty doesn't pay 從長遠來看,不誠實得不償失


    • 1. 付款給 to pay sb. for sth. 為某事物給某人付錢 to pay sb. to do sth. 付錢讓某人做某事
    • 2. 交納; 支付 to pay a subscription to ... 支付…的訂閱費 he paid £50 out of his own pocket 他自己掏腰包付了50英鎊
    • 3. 使受益 in the long run dishonesty doesn't pay anybody 從長遠來看,不誠實對誰都沒好處 it pays/doesn't pay sb. to do sth. 做某事對某人有利/不利
    • 4. 給予 to pay a visit or call 去洗手間


    • 1. 薪金; 軍餉 overtime pay 加班費 to be in the pay of sb./sth. 受僱於某人/某處

    修飾詞 (modification)

    • 1. 薪酬的 a pay rise/cut 加薪/減薪
    • 2. 投幣的 a pay toilet 投幣廁所 a pay station 投幣電話亭


    1. give (someone) money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred

    2. give (a sum of money) in exchange for goods or work done or to settle a debt

    3. hand over or transfer the amount due of (a debt, wages, etc.) to someone

    4. (of a business, activity, or an attitude) be profitable or advantageous

    5. suffer a misfortune as a consequence of an action

    6. give (attention, respect, or a compliment) to (someone)

  2. 知識+

    • 可以告訴我pay這個字的詳細用法嗎?

      Pay KK: [pe] DJ: [pei] vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb) 付,支付;付款給[O1][(+for/to)] She paid the money to me. 她將錢付給了我。 He... went on strike for higher pay. 礦工舉行罷工,要求增加工資。 報償;懲罰

    • pay 用法

      人+pay+錢+for+物 這邊的for的確可以解釋成「為了」 某人為了某物而付錢 若想要表達我付錢給某人,介係詞應該用to 主詞+pay+錢+to+人 I pay 200 dollars to the storekeeper for the book. 我付200塊給店長,是要買那本書。

    • pay for的用法

      It is your turn to pay for dinner. = To pay for dinner is your turn. 兩句的動詞都是...習慣。文法上稱這個後移的主詞為delayed subject Crime doesn't pay.=犯罪花不來。 This stock pays poorly.=這檔股票不合算(因為賺得...