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    • 1. 為...付出代價 Our troops recaptured the city, but they paid a heavy price for it. 我軍收復了該市, 但為此付出了沈重代價。
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    • 急問~~!!這是啥意思??

      ...keep going up. 物價持續上漲。 2. 代價[S][(+of/for)] The country paid a heavy price for her independence. 該國為獨立付出了沈重的代價。 3. 懸賞;獎賞;賄賂[...

    • 可以幫我翻譯一下這一段行銷的內容~急

      ... to appeal to consumers who are willing to pay a high price for a new product use price skimming. 價格吸脂策略 -- 「全新產品—視訊...

    • 這些片語該怎麼造句?

      ...休假一天 pay for 付, 支付; 付款給 I paid a very high price for the house. 我出了很高的價錢買下了這房子。 3...的 相等的 His reply is equivalent ot a refusal. 他的回答等於是拒絕 die of/from...