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    • Subscription與Order

      A subscription is an amount of money that you pay regularly in order to belong to an organization, to help a charity... for you. 所以你訂閱雜誌時,可以說成:subscribe to a magazine,也可以order a magazine 2015-07-28 14:13:58 補充...

    • 我想要正確英文翻譯

      地方纜繩操作員也許提供高中覆蓋面sports?delayed 大學sports?and 外界來電節目展示廣播在公開通入渠道。學院和高中橄欖球和籃球有時被顯示在不同的時刻在星期期間在磁帶。支付每看法是捐款服務可利用的通過纜繩特權。纜繩訂戶能定□特別events...

    • 英文高手請翻譯~~很急~~

      .../Madam, I am writing with regards to the subscription fees that I have paid for the past year. I initially subcribed to a monthly fee of USD29 using my credit card A. However...